Browser-based Spellcheck

Authors can use their preferred browsers¿ spellcheck functionality when they create or edit articles using the authoring console. Browser-based spellcheck enables authors to use spelling correction while they type, which improves the user experience and increases quality and productivity. Browser-based spellcheck is supported by most popular browsers, however, authors may need to configure it before use.

You do not need to enable browser-based spellcheck. It is enabled in Knowledge Advanced by default. You can disable it by changing the setting in Tools > System > Configure > Enable CKEditor Browser Spellcheck.

In a typical browser spellcheck implementation, the browser indicates misspelled words by underlining them as the author types. The author can then click on the word to see suggestions of correctly spelled words. If the author selects a suggested word, the browser replaces the misspelled word with the author¿s selection.

When authors use browser-based spellcheck, the browser, and not the application, provides the functionality, including the dictionary of correctly spelled words. The dictionary that the browser uses is specific to the browser, and will vary from the dictionary that the application provides.