How You Configure the Customer Portal for Pass-Through Authentication

When you implement PTA integration with the customer portal, you may want to make some changes to your customer portal pages.

These options are available.

  • Require login on customer portal pages—You can add a login requirement to any customer portal page so that customers must be validated through the external login pagey before they can open the customer portal page. See Require a Login for Customer Portal Pages.

  • Edit the Your Account pages—If you do not want customers to edit the fields on the Your Account pages, you can remove them. If you want to let them edit fields, you must edit the input field widgets on the pages containing the fields. See Allow Customers to Edit Fields on the Account Settings Page.

Note: After you have completed these steps, you must deploy the customer portal. If your profile does not have sufficient permissions to deploy the customer portal, coordinate with your administrator to arrange the deployment.