How You Allow Customers to Update Accounts With Dual-Mode Login Enabled

Customers can update an account regardless of whether they access the customer portal directly or from and external site.

When the PTA_IGNORE_CONTACT_PASSWORD configuration setting is enabled, customers who access the customer portal directly can update their account, including changing their password, as they normally do. To access the customer portal in the future, they must log in with their user name and new password. The new password will not affect their ability to log in through an external site with the setting enabled.

Customers who enter the customer portal from an external site using PTA can also update their account. Although their password is ignored when the PTA_IGNORE_CONTACT_PASSWORD configuration setting is enabled, they have been authenticated through their login to the external site. As a result, the customer portal allows them to update their account, including their customer portal password.

Note: The contact fields on the standard Account Settings page are read-only because the allow_external_login_updates attribute of those input widgets defaults to false. If you want to let customers edit these fields, you must edit the input widgets to set the attribute to true. Regardless of the attribute’s setting in the Username field, customers cannot change this field when PTA is enabled. See Allow Customers to Edit Fields on the Account Settings Page.