Edit Configuration Settings

Follow this procedure to edit pass-through authentication configuration settings.

  1. Click Configuration on the navigation pane.
  2. Expand Site Configuration, and double-click Configuration Settings. The Search window opens.
    Note: You must perform a search before any data displays.

    From the Search window you can filter the configuration settings that display on the editor. Alternatively, you can click the Cancel button to bypass the Search window and perform your search using the buttons on the ribbon or the search fields on the top of the editor.

  3. Type the name of the configuration setting you want to edit in the Key field. You can type a partial name, using the percent (%) or asterisk (*) symbols as wildcard characters. For instance, you can search for configuration settings beginning with PTA_ by entering “pta_%” in the Key field.
    Tip: To display the configuration settings you need, you may need to click the Select All check box in the Configuration Base field.
  4. Select the row that displays the configuration setting you want to edit.
  5. Perform one of these tasks:
    • Click Edit Selection. Either the Site or interface_name window opens depending on the whether the configuration setting applies to the entire B2C Service site or to specific interfaces.
    • Double-click the setting to open it on the content pane and edit the value field.
  6. Type or select the new value. Editing options are specific to the field’s data type. For example, if a setting can be enabled or disabled, a Yes/No drop-down list displays in the Value field.
  7. Perform one of these tasks:
    • To confirm a value entered in the Site or interface_name window, click the window’s OK button, and then click Save.
    • To confirm a value entered in the editor on the content pane, click Save.
      Note: You may be required to log out of the administration interface and log back in for your changes to take effect.