Promote Your Customer Portal Pages

After you are satisfied with your staging area, you can promote the pages and files to production.

Before you can promote the staging area, the profile assigned to you must have the CP Promote permission enabled. You or your administrator can enable this permission if necessary.
  1. Perform one of these tasks:
    • Log in to B2C Service.

    • In a web browser, enter https://your_site_interface/ci/deploy/promote. Continue to Step 6.

  2. Click Configuration on the navigation pane.
  3. Expand Site Configuration, and double-click Customer Portal.
  4. Select the interface you want to promote from the Interfaces column.
  5. Click Promote.

    The window shows you the list of edited files and configurations and notes whether the file or configuration exists in the staging and production areas.

  6. To store a comment in the log file, enter a note in the field.

    You can enter up to 4,000 characters.

  7. Click Promote at the bottom of the page.

    A message asks you to confirm that you want to replace your current production area with the files from the staging area. You will see a message if a deploy lock is in place. Clicking No cancels the promote operation and Yes overrides the existing lock and continues with the promote. Use caution when clicking Yes because you may overwrite another staff member’s work.

  8. Click Promote to continue.

    When the process is complete, a window lets you know the promote process was successful. It also displays a link to view the log. If you promoted the files from the Customer Portal Administration site, the window also contains a link to the production area, where you can view the promoted pages, and a link to the Rollback page.