Edit Entities or Entity Items

You can review and update an entity or entity item at any time to rename or delete entities, or to add or remove entity items, synonyms, or reference values. For example, you might want to add additional synonyms to an entity item to reflect the terminology customers use to refer to the item.

  1. On the Entities page, locate the entity you want to update and click it to open it for editing. A new tab is opened for the entity.
  2. You can now edit the entity in these ways:
    • Change the name of the entity in the Entity Name field.
      Note: To avoid generating matching issues, you can't change the name of any entity that's referenced in an intent. You must first delete the relevant intent or remove the reference to the entity in the intent.
    • Add a new item by entering a valid item name in the Entity Items field.

    • Edit the name, synonyms, or reference value defined for a new or an existing item.

  3. You can delete the entity by clicking the Delete Entity link.
    Be aware that when you delete an entity you’re also deleting all its associated items and synonyms, and you can’t retrieve these items later.

    You can’t delete an entity that’s referenced in an existing intent. If you try to do so, a message is displayed showing the number of intents that reference the entity. Before you can delete the entity, you must first do the following:
    1. Navigate to the Intents list and search for the entity name to identify the intents that are causing the delete entity action to fail. For example, to find all intents that reference the CURRENCY entity, search for the following: {CURRENCY}.

    2. Edit each of the intents in turn to remove the entity reference, or delete each of the intents.

    3. You can now delete the entity.