Understand coupons and gifts

Your store may be configured to use a range of default and custom promotions, including discount coupons and gifts with purchase, which affect the totals for orders being placed.

  • Single use and limited use coupon codes: your business may provide shoppers with coupon codes that can be used once or can be used multiple times, either during a specified period of time or for a limited number of purchases.
  • Multiple promotion coupon codes: a single code can be tied to more than one discount. For example, when a shopper spends a certain amount of money, he or she receives a percentage off an item or order and receives free shipping.
  • Coupon stacking rules: each stacking rule includes one or more promotions that are treated as a group. Rules are intended to prevent simple combination strategies, for example to keep customers from combining buy-one-get-one (BOGO) offers with gift with purchase (GWP) offers.

    Stacking rules are created in the administration interface. For more information, see Manage promotions with stacking rules.

  • Gift with purchase: automatic promotions can be tied to individual products or order amounts. When a specific product is added to the order or an order amount is reached, the shopper automatically receives a gift or a choice of gifts.

    For example, when a shopper adds a gaming console, a free game controller could appear in the cart.

    A gift may also allow a shopper to select from a menu of choices, for example, choosing one of several gift cards for different venues. If this is the case, a Select the Gift button appears in the item list. You can select the gift from the menu for the shopper and click Add to Order.

    If the main product is removed from the order, the gift product is removed or re-priced automatically based on the promotion settings.

The Promotion Summary lists the details of the discounts and gifts applied to the order. The summary is updated as additional coupons, discounts, and gifts are added to the cart.

Agents should consult with their internal business resources to determine the current coupon codes, promotions, and valid code rules that may affect order totals.