Delete a browser type, including its user-agent patterns. Fails if the browser type does not exist.


Supported Media Types
Path Parameters
  • ID of the browser type. ID of the browser type. Must be 'snapshot' for user agents that should be served the desktop version of static snapshots, or 'mobileSnapshot' for user agents that should be served the mobile version of static snapshots.
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Supported Media Types

200 Response

Following model is returned when operation succeeds.
Example Response (application/json)

Default Response

The error response. The following are the internal error codes thrown by this API when the request processing fails in Oracle Commerce Cloud: |Error Code|Description| |------------------|------------------| |17001|Browser type is invalid or non-existent| |17007|Browser Type Id passed is null or empty| |17009|Internal error occurred fetching browser type|
Body ()
Root Schema : errorModel
Type: object
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Nested Schema : errors
Type: array
An optional list of errors if multiple errors were encountered
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Nested Schema : items
Type: object
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