Get Stock Status. Gets the stock status of a product against the quantity requested. If multiple inventories are defined optionally pass in the inventory location you wish to view. Optionally takes the x-ccasset-language header to get translated content in another language.


Supported Media Types
Path Parameters
Query Parameters
  • When this parameter is true, the actual stock status of the product / sku will be returned to the client. By default, we show all products / skus as in stock when the stock level is 0.
  • Catalog Id of the product
  • When multiple inventories are defined specify the individual inventory location to use. If you wish to explicitly query the default inventory (no location id set) then use the 'NULL' id. If locationId is not specified then the query will default to use the site's inventory location id if set, otherwise the query will use the default inventory (no location id set).
  • Id of the SKU of the product
Header Parameters
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Supported Media Types

200 Response

Following model is returned when operation succeeds.
Body ()
Root Schema : getStockStatus_response
Type: object
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Example Response (application/json)

Default Response

The error response. The following are the internal error codes thrown by this API when the request processing fails in Oracle Commerce Cloud: |Error Code|Description| |------------------|------------------| |20030|If some internal error|
Body ()
Root Schema : errorModel
Type: object
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Nested Schema : errors
Type: array
An optional list of errors if multiple errors were encountered
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Nested Schema : items
Type: object
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