Create owner attributes



Creates a new config owner's index attributes in the given application's index attributes list.


Supported Media Types
Path Parameters
Body ()
The owner index attributes to create.
Root Schema : ConfigOwnerAttributes
Type: object
Represents a config owner's index attributes. Child nodes represent attributes conforming to one of the following ecr-types:
  • dimension
  • property
  • derived-property
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Supported Media Types

201 Response

Owner index attributes successfully created.
Body ()
Root Schema : Response
Type: object
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Request Body Example

The following shows a sample request body to create owner index attributes.

:content = {
  "ecr:lastModifiedBy": "admin",
  "ecr:lastModified": "2016-03-01T18:36:14.663+05:30",
  "ecr:createDate": "2016-03-01T18:36:14.441+05:30",
  "ecr:type": "attributes-owner-folder",
  "camera.35_mm_camera_lens_equivalent": {
    "propertyDataType": "ALPHA",
    "sourcePropertyNames": ["camera.35 mm camera lens equivalent"],
    "ecr:type": "property"
  "camera.color": {
    "isWildcardEnabledInRecordSearch": true,
    "displayOrder": 4,
    "sourcePropertyNames": ["camera.Colour of product"],
    "isAutogen": true,
    "isRecordSearchEnabled": true,
    "ecr:type": "dimension"
  "product.max_price": {
    "derivedPropertySource": "product.price",
    "derivedPropertyFunction": "MAX",
    "ecr:type": "derived-property"
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