Update owner attributes



Updates the specified owner index attributes in the given application's index attributes list.


Supported Media Types
Path Parameters
Body ()
The request body represents the updated owner index attributes.
Root Schema : ConfigOwnerAttributes
Type: object
Represents a config owner's index attributes. Child nodes represent attributes conforming to one of the following ecr-types:
  • dimension
  • property
  • derived-property
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Supported Media Types

202 Response

Owner index attributes successfully updated.
Body ()
Root Schema : Response
Type: object
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Request Body Example

The following shows a sample request body to update owner index attributes.

  "ecr:lastModifiedBy": "admin",
  "ecr:lastModified": "2016-03-01T18:36:14.663+05:30",
  "ecr:createDate": "2016-03-01T18:36:14.441+05:30",
  "ecr:type": "attributes-owner-folder",
  "camera.35_mm_camera_lens_equivalent": {
    "propertyDataType": "ALPHA",
    "sourcePropertyNames": ["camera.35 mm camera lens equivalent"],
    "ecr:type": "property"
  "camera.color": {
    "isWildcardEnabledInRecordSearch": true,
    "displayOrder": 4,
    "sourcePropertyNames": ["camera.Colour of product"],
    "isAutogen": true,
    "isRecordSearchEnabled": true,
    "ecr:type": "dimension"
  "product.max_price": {
    "derivedPropertySource": "product.price",
    "derivedPropertyFunction": "MAX",
    "ecr:type": "derived-property"
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