Gets a list of immediate pages defined under site home



Returns a list of all immediate pages defined for a site. If zip extension is specified (add ".zip" at the end of the path), all pages of the site are exported as a zip file.


Supported Media Types
Path Parameters
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Supported Media Types

200 Response

List of immediate pages defined for your site.
Body ()
Root Schema : SiteHome
Type: object
Represents a site folder under which a user can create and manage site specific pages
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The following example shows how to view a list of all immediate pages defined for a site:

curl -H "Authorization:Bearer <token>" -X GET http://host:port/gsadmin/v1/cloud/pages/Default (JSON format)
curl -H "Authorization:Bearer <token>" -X GET http://host:port/gsadmin/v1/cloud/pages/ (ZIP format)
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