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Returns the keyword redirects configuration for the specified application. Returns metadata about the keyword redirects (e.g. who created it and when) along with the list of redirect groups. If zip extension is specified (add ".zip" at the end of the path), the keyword redirects configuration is exported as a zip file.


Supported Media Types
Path Parameters
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Supported Media Types

200 Response

Keyword Redirects Configuration.
Body ()
Root Schema : Redirects
Type: object
Represents an application's Keyword Redirects configuration. Child Nodes represent Redirect Group configuration confirming to RedirectGroup JSON schema
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The following examples show how to export the entire keyword redirect configuration for the cloud application:

curl -H "Authorization:Bearer token" -X GET http://host:port/gsadmin/v1/cloud/redirects > /pathname/filename.txt (JSON format)
curl -H "Authorization:Bearer token" -X GET http://host:port/gsadmin/v1/cloud/ -o /pathname/ (ZIP format)
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