View search index configuration



Returns the search index configuration of the application.


Supported Media Types
Path Parameters
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Supported Media Types

200 Response

The search index config.
Body ()
Root Schema : SearchIndexConfig
Type: object
Represents an application's search index configuration.
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Nested Schema : locales
Type: array
Specifies the additional locales that can be supported.
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The following example shows how to view a search index configuration by submitting a GET request on the REST resource using cURL:

curl -u <username>:<password> http://localhost:8006/ifcr/gsadmin/v1/{appName}/searchIndexConfig.json

Response Body Example

The following example shows the response returned in JSON format.

	"ecr:lastModifiedBy": "admin",
	"ecr:lastModified": "2016-05-24T17:10:24.914z",
	"ecr:createDate": "2016-01-13T08:21:15.372z",
	"ecr:type": "search-index-config",
	"defaultLocale": "en-US",
	"locales": [
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