Update a search interface



Updates an existing search interface under the search interface folder.


Supported Media Types
Path Parameters
Body ()
The request body represents the updated search interface configuration.
Root Schema : SearchInterface
Type: object
Represents a search interface in the ECR.
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Nested Schema : fields
Type: array
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Nested Schema : SearchInterfaceField
Type: object
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Supported Media Types

202 Response

Search interface successfully updated.
Body ()
Root Schema : Response
Type: object
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Request Body Example

The following shows a sample request body to update a search interface.

:content = {
  "ecr:lastModifiedBy": "admin",
  "ecr:lastModified": "2016-10-13T09:28:03.310+05:30",
  "ecr:createDate": "2016-10-13T09:28:03.310+05:30",
  "ecr:type": "search-interface",
  "crossFieldMatch": "always",
  "fields": [
    	{"attribute": "product.id"}, 
		{"attribute": "product.sku"}		
		{"attribute": "product.long_desc"}, 
		{"attribute": "ecr:crossField"}
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