Create a member



Create a space member by adding the API user to the space associated with the given invitationToken created by the Invitation API.

The API user cannot already be a member of the space and must belong to the same merchant as the space.

Maximum membership is 20 users. Error response will occur if invitationToken has expired, or as reached its maximum acceptance count.

Triggers an email notification if the space has other members who have opted-in to receive the notification.

The parameter emailConfigMissing will appear in the response if the system is not properly configured to send out email notifications


Supported Media Types
Body ()
"invitationToken":"string" - Invitation token created by the Invitation API
Root Schema : schema
Type: string
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Supported Media Types

200 Response

successful operation
Body ()
Root Schema : JSONObject
Type: object

201 Response

member resource created

404 Response

space resource not found

409 Response

member resource already exits
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Sample Request:


Sample Response:

       {"response":{"code":"200.4","developerMessage":"added member to space resource"},

Possible Error Codes:

          "code":"404.0","developerMessage":"space resource not found",
          "code":"409.0","developerMessage":"member resource already exists",
          "code":"200.6","developerMessage":"invitation resource not valid",
          "code":"403.4","developerMessage":"max space members reached"
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