Get a comment post



Retrieve a text comment post (top-level or reply) for a space

If a top-level comment, then the response will have parentContentId = 0.

If a reply comment, the the replies object in the response will be empty.

If space is Private, then the API user must be a member of the space, but not necessarily the creator of the comment.


Supported Media Types
Path Parameters
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Supported Media Types

200 Response

comment resource found

403 Response

not space member

404 Response

comment resource not found
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Sample Request:

       GET swm/rs/v1/spaces/cTthHaOtDAz7u3xS5PLZaGa1/comments/2083924    

Sample Response:

       {"response":{"code":"200.0","developerMessage":"comments resource found"},
        "comment":"It looks like this one is on sale today.",

Possible Error Codes:

          "code":"403.1","developerMessage":"not space member",
          "code":"404.0","developerMessage":"comment resource not found"
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