Create a comment post



Post a new text comment (top-level or reply) to a space.

The text comment can not be blank.

Triggers an email notification if the space has other members who have opted-in to receive the notifications.

If post is a top-level comment, then set parentContentId = 0.

If post is a reply comment, the comment associated with the parentContentId itself must be a top-level comment (that is, the reply comment can not be a reply to a reply).

The API user must be a member of the space and will "own" the comment.

The contentId value returned in the response is used to reference and identify the comment post in the space.

Response parameter emailConfigMissing will appear in the developer response object if the system is not configured to send out email notifications.


Supported Media Types
Path Parameters
Body ()
"parentContentId":"string", - ID of the parent post (product or comment), otherwise "0" if top-level post
"comment":"string" - The text comment post
Root Schema : schema
Type: string
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Supported Media Types

200 Response

successful operation
Body ()
Root Schema : JSONObject
Type: object

201 Response

comment resource created

403 Response

not space member
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Sample Request:

        "comment":"It looks like this one is on sale today."}

Sample Response:

       {"response":{"code":"201.0","developerMessage":"comment resource created"},

Possible Error Codes:

          "code":"403.1","developerMessage":"not space member",
          "code":"403.4","developerMessage":"max comments reached"
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