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This endpoint effectively returns the entire space content!

Get the top-level content posts AND corresponding replies for a space. This includes the combination of product posts and top-level comment posts with any corresponding reply comment posts. Each content post is only listed once.

If the space is Private, the API user must be a member of the space.

The date values returned are in Epoch time.

To use Pagination, add the optional limit and offset query parameters to request a subset, or "page", of top-level content post items in the response JSON.

To use Sorting, add the optional orderBy query parameter to request sorting of the top-level content post items in the response JSON.


Supported Media Types
Path Parameters
Query Parameters
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Supported Media Types

200 Response

content resource found

403 Response

not space member

404 Response

content resource not found
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Sample Request:

       GET swm/rs/v1/spaces/7go4VjU2dK5MkTfHWQHV1l39/content    

Sample Response:

       {"response":{"code":"200.0","developerMessage":"content resource found" },
              "mediaUrl": "/preview/media/product/AMA1iqn08Jz8QGqG/Topo3CqoDPchgkK1mMxEgubY/7DkODhd01QcFsXCPcHhQbeiL.jpg",
              "productProductId": "xprod2041",
              "productDesiredPriority": "2",
              "productCurrencyCode": "USD",
              "creatorMediaUrl": "",
              "creatorId": "nNGCePPATZMzzpCm",
              "productVariantOptions": "[]",
              "productLinkedProducts": "[]",
              "productDesiredQuantity": "1",
              "contentId": "600009",
              "creatorLastName": "Doe",
              "creatorFirstName": "John",
              "productSalePrice": "",
              "productSkuId": "xsku2041",
                     "creatorMediaUrl": "",
                     "creatorId": "nNGCePPATZMzzpCm",
                     "dateCreated": "2016-12-27T19:27:47.141Z",
                     "comment": "This looks comfortable!",
                     "creatorLastName": "John",
                     "contentId": "700005",
                     "creatorFirstName": "Doe"
,              "productTitle": "Soccer Cushion Chair",
              "productUrl": "/soccer-cushion-chair/product/xprod2041",
              "dateCreated": "2016-12-20T17:31:55.835Z",
              "productPrice": "79"

Possible Error Codes:

          "code":"404.0","developerMessage":"space resource not found",
          "code":"403.1","developerMessage":"not space memeber"
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