Create an invitation



Creates a space invitation token, and changes the space access level to group if it was private before, otherwise the access level is not changed.

The API user must be creator of space.

The response accessLevel is the resulting access-level for the space:
  • 1 - Shared
  • 2 - Group


    Supported Media Types
    Path Parameters
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    Supported Media Types

    200 Response

    successful operation
    Body ()
    Root Schema : JSONObject
    Type: object

    201 Response

    invitation resource created

    400 Response

    invalid email address parameter

    403 Response

    not space owner
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    Sample Request:

           POST swm/rs/v1/spaces/Topo3CqoDPchgkK1mMxEgubY/invitations    

    Sample Response:

           {"response":{"code":"201.0","developerMessage":"invitation resource created"},

    Possible Error Codes:

              "code":"403.2","developerMessage":"not space owner"
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