Manage inventory

You can view and update the inventory and stock threshold for each SKU in your store.

  • Inventory count: The number of items that are physically in stock.
  • Stock threshold: A value you specify that indicates when an item should display as out-of-stock on your storefront. An item is considered out-of-stock when the inventory count is less than or equal to the stock threshold value.

Additionally, you can use the Commerce Cloud Admin API to manage preorder and backorder counts and thresholds. See Manage Inventory for Preorders and Backorders for more information.

Important: The inventory list includes both published and unpublished products. Changes you make to inventory for published products are immediately visible on your store. You do not have to publish inventory changes. Changes you make to inventory for new (unpublished) products will appear on your store with the rest of the product information the next time you publish changes.

To manage inventory for your store:

  1. On the Catalog page, click Manage Catalogs, then select Inventory.
  2. Navigate to the product whose inventory details you want to see. If a product has more than one SKU, click the product to display each SKU.
  3. Click the inventory count. Enter a new value and click the Save icon.

    inventory count

  4. (Optional) Click the stock threshold. Enter a new value and click the Save icon.

Note: You can import inventory for each SKU in your catalog. For more information, see Import and Export Catalog Items and Inventory.

Customize inventory status messaging

You can view and update the inventory status message that displays to your shoppers. The messaging displayed to shoppers is configurable , as follows:

  1. Open the Design page and click the Layout tab.
  2. Open the Product layout and click the Grid View option.
  3. Locate the Product Details widget and open the Settings icon, visible on the top right corner of each widget.
  4. Click the Layout option to display the elements and select Inventory Status.

    You can now see the Product Details widget inventory status tabs, allowing you to customize the messaging displayed for each of the different statuses:

    • In Stock
    • Out of Stock
    • PreOrder
    • BackOrder
  5. Add your message to the relevant inventory status.
  6. Customize the message settings, and preview.
  7. Click Done to save your configurations, and Save to exit the widget settings.