38 Create a Credit Card Payment Gateway Integration

You can use tools that Commerce provides to create custom integrations with payment gateways.

As discussed in Configure Payment Processing in Using Oracle Commerce, Oracle CX Commerce provides support for a number of payment gateways as built-in integrations. In addition, you can create custom integrations with other payment gateways. The integrations you create appear as options on the Payment Gateways tab of the Payment Processing page in the administration interface.

To create a custom integration with a credit card payment gateway, you create an extension for accessing the gateway, and configure the Credit Card Payment function webhook. When a shopper places an order, the webhook calls a specified payment service URL and sends the payment-related data in a JSON request. The external system then sends a response that indicates success or failure and other information about the transaction.

Determine which payment webhook to use

In addition to the Credit Card Payment webhook, which supports only credit cards, Commerce includes the Generic Payment webhook, which supports a variety of different payment methods, including credit cards. See Supported payment methods and transaction types for information about the other payment methods available.

Note that the Credit Card Payment webhook does not support the 3D-Secure protocol, and does not support the use of stored credit cards. To create a credit card payment gateway that supports 3D-Secure or the use of stored credit cards, you must use the Generic Payment webhook. See the Create a Generic Payment Gateway Integration chapter for more information.