1 Introduction

This document is intended to provide instructions on how to implement the integration between Oracle CX Commerce and Oracle Responsys.

Oracle CX Commerce is an eCommerce solution designed specifically to run in the Oracle Cloud. The solution provides you with a range of powerful tools to build a flexible, feature-rich storefront for your customers.

Activities you can perform with Oracle CX Commerce include the following:

  • Customize the design and layout of your storefront pages and preview your changes
  • Display your store content in different languages
  • Create or import catalog items
  • Manage inventory
  • Offer promotions
  • Manage shopper accounts
  • Allow shoppers to set up wish lists
  • View reports about your store
  • Test the visual elements of your store to determine which design shoppers prefer
  • Develop custom features for your store through the Oracle CX Commerce web services API

Oracle Responsys is an application within the Oracle Marketing Cloud suite of products that empowers data-driven marketing teams with the tools to deliver the relevant, engaging experiences their customers demand across devices, channels, and lifecycles. It is easy to make data from disparate sources useful, create precisely targeted audiences, and then empower customers to determine their own next experience by interacting with them in near real-time.

Integrating these solutions brings together the capabilities of Commerce and Responsys to provide a unified solution for businesses to not only sell to their customers, but also communicate with them in a relevant and structured dialogue based on the customer’s commerce activity. Commerce provides the overall customer experience allowing merchants to provide the most relevant content to shoppers at all times and, by integrating Commerce and Responsys, retailers can connect online behaviors in near real time to immediately respond to customer’s actions and trigger personalized communications.

In addition, Commerce data can be used to create a more complete user profile which allows retailers to deliver a more personalized and engaging experiences to drive conversions and revenue.