11 Import and Export Catalog Items and Inventory

You can export products, SKUs, collections, and catalogs to a file in CSV (Comma Separated Value) format so you can work with them outside of Oracle Commerce and easily import changes back into your Commerce environment.

The following are examples of changes you can make by exporting and importing data:

  • If you are a new Commerce customer, you can import an existing catalog to initially populate your storefront.
  • If new catalog information arrives on an automated feed, you can format and edit the new assets in bulk and import them into your catalog.
  • If you receive updates from a number of people, you can incorporate all the changes into your catalog at once instead of manually entering each change.
  • You can quickly make bulk edits or perform global operations (like search and replace or spell-checking) on catalog assets in a spreadsheet and then import those changes back into your catalog.
  • You can distribute asset information for review to people who do not have access to the Commerce tools.
  • If you let shoppers view your store in different languages, you can import translations for each language your store supports.

You can also import inventory data, such as inventory count and stock threshold, for products and SKUs into your catalog.