Import image assignments

You can use the Oracle Commerce import process to assign a number of already-uploaded images to products and collections at once and to create a title and alt text for each assigned image.

See Import and Export Catalog Items and Inventory for details about how to import and export data in Oracle Commerce.

The easiest way to format a file for importing image assignments for products or collections is to start by exporting a file that you can use as a template for the items you want to add or modify. See Export catalog items for more information about how to export.

When you look at the exported spreadsheet, you can see that the second row displays column headings that contain the internal names of the exported properties. There are three properties for image assignment:

  • images specifies the name and path of the uploaded image to assign to the product or collection)
  • altText specifies the alt text to assign to the image.
  • title specifies the title to assign to the image.

Product or collection data begins in the third row and continues for the remainder of the spreadsheet. If an item does not have a value for a property, the corresponding cell is blank. When you enter data in the images column, you must format it as follows:


  • <number> is the number that specifies the display order of the image. media1 specifies that the file will be displayed as the primary image.
  • <path>/<file_name> specifies the full path to the image and the name of the image file, including the extension. The path and file name for an image is shown in the Path field on its details page, which you access from the Media page. See View the media library for more information.

Note: When you import multiple image assignments for a product or collection, you separate them with a | (vertical bar). Therefore, you should not use this character in any media file names.

See Import catalog items and inventory for more information about how to import your changes back into the catalog.