7 Manage Your Catalog

A catalog organizes your products, SKUs, and collections in a hierarchy that reflects the way users will navigate to them on your store. Your store contains only one catalog, but that catalog can contain any number of collections, which can contain any number of products and associated SKUs.

Note: Your store may be configured to allow the assignment of catalogs to business accounts. See Configure Business Accounts for information about accounts and contacts.

If a user does not have the correct access to a catalog the following conditions apply:
  • The editors for the catalog and its collections, products and SKUs will be read-only. If a collection of product also belongs to other catalogs to which the user does have access, the item will be editable.
  • UI controls for actions that the user cannot perform may be hidden or disabled.
  • Some icons and menu options will change from Edit to View.
  • In some catalog pickers, some items will be unavailable.

The topics in this section describe how to set up and manage your catalog.