Prepare for store development

The materials you receive from Oracle after you subscribe to the service include detailed information about preparing for store development.

It is important to review these materials carefully with your Oracle representative and complete any required preliminary tasks to ensure your implementation goes as smoothly as possible. In addition, it is suggested that you review the product documentation and become familiar with the key concepts of the Commerce administration interface.

You can access the latest product documentation and training videos through the Oracle Help Center. The Commerce page also contains links to blogs, developer communities, and Support. (Please note that some of these resources require an account for access.)

The administration interface also provides direct links to the documentation and videos as described in Work with the Dashboard.

Important: Commerce is designed to provide your shoppers with a fast, responsive storefront. However, it is critical to consider site performance from the beginning of your implementation project and build performance testing into your development strategy as early as possible. It is highly recommended that your site developers read Improve Performance before starting any customization work.