Configure the PayPal integration

The PayPal Express Checkout integration lets your customers pay for purchases with their PayPal accounts.

To use the integration, you must have either a Business or Premier PayPal account. You should also have a PayPal Sandbox account with two test accounts.

You can configure the integration so that PayPal captures funds at the same time the payment is authorized or you can capture funds later, for example, your order management system can capture funds when the order ships.

For more information about PayPal Express Checkout, see Getting Started with Express Checkout in the PayPal developer documentation.

Configure PayPal settings

To configure the PayPal settings, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Settings icon, then select Payment Processing.
  2. On the Payment Gateways tab, under Payment Gateways, select PayPal.
  3. Under Account information, click Use PayPal.
  4. Enter your PayPal merchant account information.
  5. Click Save.

Account Information

These properties identify your PayPal account. All properties are required.

Property Description
Client ID (Required) The API client ID for your PayPal account.
Secret Key (Required) The API secret key for your PayPal account.
Production If this setting is turned on, transactions occur on the live PayPal production environment. If this setting is turned off (default), transactions occur on the PayPal Sandbox, a virtual testing environment.
Capture Payment Action

Specify when PayPal should capture funds:

Order Placed: (default) PayPal authorizes payment and captures funds when the order is submitted.

Order Shipped: PayPal authorizes payment when the order is submitted but does not capture payment. You are responsible for making sure PayPal captures payment at a later time, ideally, when the order ships. For more information, see Capture Payments Later in the PayPal developer documentation.

Understand PayPal requirements for account-based storefronts

Account-based storefronts have an additional requirement for shoppers who use PayPal as their payment method. For more information, see Ensure PayPal shoppers provide first and last name.