Download the Commerce SDK

The Commerce SDK helps you create server-side integrations with Commerce.

The Commerce SDK includes a REST client designed to connect to an Oracle Commerce server from a Node.js application. The REST client supports the Commerce Store API and Admin API, as well as APIs for external systems you want to integrate with Commerce.

To download the Commerce SDK, do the following:

  1. Click the Settings icon menu, click Web APIs, then click the Commerce SDK tab.
  2. Click the download link.
  3. Specify whether to open the ZIP file or save it.
The ZIP file contains the following files that you can read to learn about the SDK:
  • describes how to configure the REST client.
  • JSDoc descriptions of the SDK’s classes and global variables. To access the JSDoc files, open the file /oracle-commerce-sdk/docs/index.html in the location where you saved the Commerce SDK ZIP file.