Understand export guidelines

This section provides information that helps you plan and understand your export.

  • You can export products, SKUs, collections, and catalogs.
  • You can export only one type of item in each export procedure. For example, you cannot export both products and collections to the same spreadsheet; you must export the products in one export procedure and then export the collections in another.
  • Exporting catalogs exports properties that describe each of your catalogs, such as ID, display name, and root categories. Exporting catalogs does not export the products, SKUs, and collections the catalogs include.
  • When you export products, SKUs, collections, and catalogs, all available properties are automatically exported. You cannot change the list of properties to export.
  • If you modified a product, SKU, collection, or catalog, the modified version is exported, even if you have not published the changes. For items you have not modified, the published version is exported.
  • If your Commerce instance uses multiple catalogs, you can export products, SKUs, and collections from a specific catalog or from all catalogs. You can also export items in Unassigned Products and Unassigned Collections, which are not associated with any catalogs.