1 Understand Oracle Commerce

Oracle Commerce is a scalable, flexible eCommerce solution designed specifically to run in the Oracle Cloud. The service provides the infrastructure and tools necessary to build a highly customizable, feature-rich storefront for your business.

This section applies to both OSF and Storefront Classic. This section applies to Open Storefront Framework (OSF) and Storefront Classic.

Commerce comprises the following core pieces:

  • The Commerce administration interface, which you use to design and manage your store. You access it through the URL given to you by Oracle when you subscribe to the service. The URL is similar to the following:


  • Your storefront, located at the URL Oracle provides. Initially you are provided with a test version of the site, which you modify through the administration interface to create your own store.
  • The Agent Console, which your customer service representatives can use to assist shoppers with their orders. The Agent Console is typically located at <youroracledomain.com>/occs-agent/#. The Agent Console is described in Understand the Agent Console.

Note: Oracle supplies you with three separate environments as part of your subscription: testing (also called development), staging, and production. The URLs for the three components shown above vary for each environment.

Commerce also provides the following pieces: