Exporting data from Oracle Siebel to Oracle Object Storage

To set up the import of Oracle Siebel data, you will first need to log in to Oracle Siebel and configure the data export.

Step 1: Select and configure export engine

To select and configure the export engine:

  1. Log in to Oracle Siebel.
  2. Open the navigation menu and select Administration - Data Export.
  3. For Export Engine, make sure the following engine and parameters are configured.
    • Engine Name: Siebel - Unity Data Export
    • Adapter Name: CSV Export Adapter Service
    • Active: Y
  4. Review and make any required updates to the Driver Parameters section.

When you are done selecting and configuring the export engine, you can start configuring the data export category definition.

Step 2: Configure the data export category definition

business component name from where the data needs to be exported

the fields that need to be exported

To configure the data export category definition:

  1. Click the drop-down list for Data Export Administration and select Data Export Category Definition.

  2. Under Export Categories, select or create the categories that will be used to export data.

  3. Review the BC Name and Filter Specification for each category and ensure they are properly configured.

  4. For each category, use the Category Fields section to configure the fields that will be included with the selected category.

Step 3: Configure data export settings

To configure the data export settings:

  1. Click the drop-down list for Data Export Category Definition and select Data Export Settings.

  2. Review the information under Export Engine to ensure it is correct.

  3. In the Search Categories section, click Add Image of the add button. Use it to create a new source field..

  4. In the Category Name field, enter the name of the category you want to include.

  5. Continue adding categories as needed for export.

  6. When done, click Export All.

The job to export the data to Object Storage will start. Monitor the status of the job in the Export Status section.

When the job completes, you can log in to Object Storage to confirm the data was successfully exported.

Incremental updates

If the Oracle Siebel data that was imported into Oracle Unity has changed (added, deleted, or updated records), the updated data will be exported to Oracle Object Storage. The time it takes for Object Storage to receive the updated data depends on the frequency of the Oracle Siebel job to export data.

The updated data will have "Increment" in the file name.

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