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Oracle Data Marketplace

The Oracle Data Marketplace is the world's largest third-party data marketplace and the standard for open and transparent audience data trading. It provides an ecosystem built on premium quality data, flexible and fair pricing, and scale that is unmatched in the industry. The result is the most comprehensive access to quality data available to target audiences at any stage of the purchase funnel.

Oracle Data Marketplace data providers offer more than 30,000 data attributes to power your branding or direct marketing initiatives and let you connect with your target audience anywhere on the internet.

Oracle Data Cloud data directory

The Oracle Data Cloud data directory showcases Oracle's aggregation of market-leading data available through the Oracle Data Marketplace - the world's largest collection of third-party data. This data is cultivated from industry leading branded and unbranded data providers giving users access to a billion profiles across 30,000 categories that can be leveraged for ad targeting, site optimization, custom segmentation and more to deliver the most relevant customer experiences at every touch point.

Categories in the Oracle Data Marketplace

The following tables summarize the third-party data available in the Oracle Data Marketplace that you can add to your target audiences.

Oracle Data Cloud platform data

Category Description
Consumer technology Users interested and in-market for consumer technology products, as well as people who own specific technology devices.
Demographic The Oracle Data Cloud captures over 200 demographic attributes from online and offline data sources including age, gender, employment, language, family composition, household income and net worth. All Oracle Data Cloud demographic data is ‘self declared’ and is not inferred or modeled.
In-market auto Users who have demonstrated intent through make and model searches, car configurations and dealership quote requests via online automotive sites. 93% of the platform’s in-market auto users come from comScore top 10 automotive sites.
In-market CPG Users who have demonstrated intent to purchase consumer packaged goods through searches, product comparisons, and online auctions. Sample verticals include pet supplies, household supplies, baby care products, and health and beauty supplies.
In-market education Users who demonstrated intent to pursue education and vocational training, typically at post-secondary institutions. Examples include searches on particular schools, majors, and financial aid products.
In-market financial Users who have performed actions such as search queries, using financial calculators, and comparing credit card offers, mortgage rates, insurance products and retirement plans. 80% of in-market finance data comes from comScore top 50 financial sites.
In-market real estate Users who have demonstrated intent to purchase or rent real estate. Examples of intent include researching property listings and filling out requests for information on top real estate sites.
In-market retail Users who have performed product comparisons, auction behavior, or SKU-level searches on top online retail sites. Verticals include clothing, shoes and accessories, consumer electronics, consumer packaged goods, health & beauty, home & garden, entertainment, video games, and automotive parts and accessories.
In-market service Users who have demonstrated intent to purchase local goods and services such as restaurants, mechanics, or retail stores in particular geographic locations.
In-market travel Users who have searched for flights, hotels, and car rentals on top online travel sites in the last 30 days. 94% of the platform’s in-market travel users come from comScore top 10 travel sites, such as
Interest Oracle Data Cloud interest is separate from In-Market and consists of activities like reading blog posts or general news about a product or service. Verticals include autos, arts and entertainment, online activities, hobbies, politics and current events, sports, travel, and more.
Media & entertainment Users interested in events and attractions, movies, music, news and current events, sports, television, and video games. Interest is demonstrated by activities like reading blog posts and searching for media and entertainment news, or about an entertainment-related product or service. Interest categories may also include modeled data of people who have taken a specific action related to an entertainment related product/service. Also includes data from offline sources.
Predictors Predictors consists of modeled ‘look-a-likes’ of Oracle Data Cloud in-market auto, retail and travel, modeled from online and offline data sources using predictors as reach extension to Oracle Data Cloud in-market.
Travel Users interested and in-market for air travel, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and vacation packages.
Validated demographic Accurate demographic online data from Oracle Data Cloud platform and offline data from Oracle Datalogix to create a highly precise and highly scaled data set that scores as high as 85%+ for age and gender groups and 2x average improvement in campaign accuracy against benchmarks published by comScore and Nielsen.

The Oracle Data Cloud platform has built algorithms leveraging “wisdom of the data experts” to cross reference sources and create a consensus approach to qualifying the accuracy of demographic information. The more accurate your data, the better your targeting. With high and medium confidence levels, Oracle Data Cloud premium demographic data can target: gender, age, household income, and presence of children.


Oracle Data Cloud works with Bizo, the industry leader in B2B audience targeting, to provide the largest set of professional consumer data aggregated across best-of-breed B2B data providers. This data set includes attributes that span occupation, role, company size, employee type, and sales volume.

Branded data

This category contains data from top tier branded data aggregators that offer data across the entire marketing funnel, with over 30,000 demographic, occupational, and social attributes to support brand initiatives at scale.

Category Description
140 Proof 140 Proof's Blended Interest Graph technology combines public data from social platforms and enables large brand advertisers to target mobile ads to groups of people based on the interests they express in tweets, follows, pins, likes, tumbls, check-ins and the rest of their social activity. 140 Proof draws from over 3 billion interest signals every day and has analyzed over 600 million social network users. With reach to 60 million monthly uniques across mobile apps, 140 Proof has run campaigns for some of the largest brand advertisers, across verticals such as CPG, consumer electronics, technology, entertainment, finance, and more.
33Across AudienceID For over 7 years, 33Across has created advanced data models for Fortune 1000 brands, with code on over 1 million publishers sites, our publisher network yields more than 30 billion intent and interest signals from content consumption, public and private social behaviors, and search.
AcquireWeb Onboarded third-party data from national compilers like Experian, Infutor, ALC, Alliant and others
Acxiom Acxiom is an enterprise data, analytics, and software as a service company that uniquely fuses trust, experience, and scale to fuel data-driven results. Acxiom’s lnfobase® data products include a collection of high-quality compiled consumer data products that draws information from the single largest and most comprehensive data repository of U.S. consumer data.
AdAdvisor AdAdvisor, a Neustar service, is a suite of data-driven audience targeting solutions that start with verified, scalable offline data to provide portable, cross-platform online targeting. AdAdvisor enables precise targeting by unlocking thousands of behaviors, attributes and lifestyles in addition to ZIP code, age, and gender and linking them to AdAdvisor elements.
AddThis AddThis creates custom audiences via real-time intent, interest, and influence data, aggregated from the comScore #1 ranked platform, AddThis: the largest sharing platform on the web. Verticals include autos, education, financial products and services, food, gaming, retail, travel, and more.
adgnitio Unique, high-quality, directly-ingested, mobile-specific data collected using a proprietary algorithm crunching billions of data points from over an ever-growing 150M+ active user base
Affinity Answers An aggregate of cookies from other categories that have high social affinity to this category. The affinities are derived from active fan engagement in social networks like Facebook, such as photo uploading, commenting, or post liking.
ALC A direct marketing data services provider encompassing data management, customer acquisition, data compilation, data processing, and integration of marketing data
Alliant Alliant creates predictive segmentation solutions for multi-channel marketers. The company’s core assets include on of the industry’s largest sources of transactional data, sophisticated analytics, and a deep understand of marketing strategy.
Ameribase Digital A full-service integrated marketing agency specializing in transactional data with a focus on buying behavior of large segments of the business and consumer population. The ability to drill down to any transaction within a data set, equipped with recency and scale, provides a level of understanding of how your target audience ticks.
Analytics-IQ Accurate predictive data tools that leverage advanced analytics and a huge inventory
Are You A Human The Verified Human Whitelist is a curated audience of continuously verified humans that can be targeted on any campaign to root out fraud before you spend a cent on media. Are You A Human analyzes natural user behavior across millions of websites and collects hundreds of fingerprinting metrics. After users have consistently been verified, they are added to the whitelist.
Audiences by Ziff Davis Technology, Gaming, Entertainment, and IT-Business audiences, aggregated from Ziff Davis sites like,,,,,, and more
B2B Targets by WhoToo B2B Targets is a premium source for B2B data available in the Oracle Data Marketplace. With comprehensive business targeting data from thousands of sources, B2B Targets offers quality, depth and versatility to global advertisers. With over 70M professional contacts and comprehensive firmographic data on over 25M companies, B2B Targets offers unparalleled data coverage in segments vital to the needs of B2B companies.
Blue Kangaroo Provides a free personalized shopping service in exchange for permission to collect data from users' shopping activity on mobile devices and desktop/laptop browsers. This permission-based URL data indicates where users shop and specific products they view. Blue Kangaroo uses this data to construct shopping profiles and user-interest scores based on the proprietary Blue Kangaroo Interest Scoring System (BLISS), providing insight into users' buying intent.
Bombora B2B predictive intent and demographic data
Cardlytics Cardlytics leverages debit, credit, ACH, and bill pay transactions from over 1,500 banks to help you reach the right individual consumers.
Compass Compass specializes in the creation of B2B information solutions with a strength in site level information compilation, verification and segmentation. Compass offers standard statistics such contact name, contact title/function, contact email address, employee size, sales volume, small business, home business, company URL, etc. All data is resourced and verified with each monthly update.
comScore comScore helps businesses create value from digital consumer relationships, giving clients the insights and context they need to build winning business strategies. As a global leader in digital measurement and analytics, the company is redefining the way businesses measure consumer behavior in the marketplace and across their own products and properties, turning big data into insights about the behaviors of people. With more than 1.5 trillion interactions captured monthly (equal to nearly 40% of the monthly page views of the internet), comScore has a strong foundation for applying its modeling methodology to help marketers reach target segments.
comScore TV comScore TV audiences are built from precise second-by-second viewing of tens of millions of televisions in all 210 local markets across the country, combined with Oracle Data Cloud attributes.
Connexity Connexity (formerly Shopzilla) is a data driven marketing solutions company. Powered by premium online shopping and declared demographic data, Connexity delivers in-market, lifestyle, life stage, seasonal, demographic, shopper type, and custom audiences to advertisers. Most Connexity audiences are only available via the Private Data Marketplace in the Oracle Data Cloud platform. Reach out to your Oracle Data Cloud account manager to learn more about Connexity's premium audience offerings.
Cross Pixel Cross Pixel provides high-performance audience data and information for the real-time advertising industry using proprietary data management technology with granular and transparent control over where users are harvested and how they qualify to be targeted.
Cuebiq AudienceQ processes user dwell-time data within beacon, Wi-Fi and GPS signals to segment targetable audiences based on their geo-behaviors.
Data Mentors/Relevate Validated and accurate data
DataLab DataLab USA procures prospects from a variety of reliable sources, including credit and demographic data from the nation’s leading data suppliers.
Dataline Dataline is a leading provider of consumer information, intelligent analytics, smart modeling applications, and unique digital audience segments. Dataline specializes in providing smart marketers customized insights utilizing its proprietary database of 240 million individuals combined with over 1,000 highly predictive variables. Dataline's innovative approach to data mining enables the Oracle Data Cloud platform to provide customized solutions in a highly competitive, multichannel environment.
Datalogix Datalogix aggregates multiple offline data sources, including actual consumer shopping behavior at brick and mortar stores, to create segments based on frequent purchasers across several verticals, including CPG, retail, and financial service customers.
Datalogix UK Datalogix partners with many third-party data providers to better understand UK consumer data, how they show, what products they purchase, their demographic and lifestyle attributes.
Datamyx Digital audience segments mainly in the finance, automotive, and insurance categories
Dataxpand Audience clusters based on how users browse, search, show interest and intent, as well as based on the languages they speak, age and gender
DeliDataX A data network with a focus in the Latin American and Spanish market to enable advertisers to improve their campaigns by targeting optimized audiences
Dun & Bradstreet Dun & Bradstreet's global commercial database is compiled from over 30,000 sources and contains more than 135 million active business records, which over 26.7 million of are U.S. based. The database is enhanced by Dun & Bradstreet's proprietary DUNSRight Quality Process, which results in quality business information that customers rely on to make critical business decisions.
Edmunds Users that have been to
Evite Evite data is culled from hosts and guests who have indicated via an event creation or RSVP that they are hosting or attending an occasion. These occasions map back to key life-stage events such as weddings, graduation, kids' birthdays, and seasonal events. These events also signify strong purchase intent for related party items. In using Evite, its hosts and guests provide exceptionally strong signals about where they will be in the future, why they will be there, and what they are celebrating.
Experian Using extensive data resources, Experian’s syndicated, pre-built ConsumerView online audience segments span several categories including demographic, sociographic, life style and message touch point segmentation, behavioral, cultural, mortgage and property data. Independently ranked #1 in quality and coverage in comparison to other offline data compilers, ConsumerView provides the most accurate, comprehensive information on more than 299 million consumers and 116 million household.
Experian UK Experian UK provides consumer insights, targeting, data quality, and cross-channel marketing for the UK market
Financial Audiences A wide array of financially-focused audience segments built from exclusive publisher partner first-party data to target individuals with high household income, professionals and businesses in-market for financial products and services as well as a variety of other interests including, travel, luxury goods and more.
Forbes Serving as the world’s definitive source for business and finance news since 1917, Forbes and its premium data platform offer unparalleled access to a highly affluent and connected audience of insider, innovators, and influencers.
GfK MRI GfK MRI is the only syndicated consumer and media research company that collects data through personal interviews to provide a detailed view of the 226 million adult consumers in the U.S. GfK MRI measures their media choices, demographics, consumption of almost 6,000 products in 550 categories plus 1600 lifestyle and psychographic questions to deliver insights into motivations or behaviors that are unavailable with market analyses based only on demographics.
Gravy Analytics Audiences built from frequent verified attendances of mobile user at events and places which provide conclusive behavioral intelligence into consumer interests, lifestyles, life stages and buying intent. This intelligence is used to generate Gravy Trulife audiences in several categories including In-Market, Lifestyle and Enthusiast categories.
HiveWyre Hivewyre is an ecommerce data co-op. The company's private data cooperative allows advertisers to share their first-party audience data and build targeted campaigns for prospecting new customers. Hivewyre advertisers have access to fresh, exclusive data that will never be sold to a third party.
I-Behavior Data contributed by 2,500 merchants representing more that $400 billion in purchases made by 190 million consumers. I-Behavior aggregates and models this data to create targeted audience segments that companies can use for marketing campaigns to help them reach the right consumers across any channel.
Infogroup, Inc A provider of business and consumer data, powering the top search engines, the leading in-car navigation systems in North America, and 85 percent of Fortune 100 companies.
IRI CPG IRI Retail Audiences use proprietary IRI data and analytics in combination with demographic and actual transaction data to estimate each and every U.S. household's propensity to spend in a particular channel, retailer, and/or banner. Our audiences will help you to engage the households that represent the highest dollar opportunity.
IRI Shopcom Proscores CPG IRI and Shopcom have joined data assets to create a joint targeting product that enables brands and advertisers to precisely reach the most valuable audiences for each and every CPG media campaign. Our highly predictive audiences that use the IRI ProScores methodology and actual purchase behavior from millions of households identify the individuals that are most likely to purchase a particular brand, subcategory or category.
IXI IXI enables consumer segmentation according to a wide array of financial metrics, including investment behaviors, spending levels, and other financial characteristics gathered from offline data sources. Verticals include Automotive loans, mortgage segments, travel, telecom, and financial attributes such as discretionary spending.
Infogroup, Inc Infogroup is a leading provider of business and consumer data, powering the top search engines, the leading in-car navigation systems in North America and 85 percent of Fortune 100 companies.
Kantar Media - TGI Kantar Media's US TGI is an online survey with a quota sample of 20,000 respondents projected to a universe of 239 million Adults, and part of a well-established TGI Global solution for understanding the who, why and how of consumer behavior.
Lotame Lotame works with hundreds of online publishers to capture declared interest, search and purchase intent across verticals such as entertainment, news and politics, fashion, social media users, and more.
MasterCard Creates modeled audiences based on aggregate offline consumer spending behavior derived from billions of annual transactions. Verticals include restaurant, grocery and drug stores, travel, entertainment, and telecom.
Media Source Extensive updated and accurate consumer data across a wide variety of verticals that is not readily available in the marketplace and provides the added edge to increase performance and ROI
Merkle Identifies households associated with Merkle branded data
Mobilewalla The largest consumer intelligence platform on mobile
Navegg Navegg is a technology company that operates in partnership with major publishers and agencies to approach brands and people in the digital environment.
Near Get location, audience, interest and demographic data using the Near platform, and target your audience of choice in the physical and digital worlds.
NinthDecimal A mobile audience intelligence company that enables brands to engage with the right audience at the right time
OmniDIGITAL by MeritDirect OmniDIGITAL by MeritDirect turns offline users in the B2B space into targetable audiences by mapping offline demographics and behavioral data into privacy compliant online audience segments, reaching the most relevant online audience for any B2B-focused campaign.
Omnibus Omnibus is an ad tech company focused on users in Japan. It provides you one-stop solutions from digital marketing plans to operating campaigns. We can offer you wide, broad scale of psychographic data we have collected. Moreover, we have created and built our original demographic data from panel surveys. We optimize this data daily to make it more precise with higher accuracy.
One Audience All OneAudience mobile audience behavioral and purchase data for all branding and performance campaigns across every major vertical to generate brand awareness, acquisition, retention, re-engagement and app install campaigns
Place IQ Place IQ combines real-world location data with movement data associated with mobile devices to produce actual visitation data to various locations of interest across the following verticals within a given time frame: Auto Dealerships, Dining, Entertainment, Financial Services, Retail, Travel.
Profound Profound Networks engages in Internet scale monitoring and analysis of publicly available corporate networks and creates actionable data assets for competitive advantage in the telecom and IT verticals.
Proxama Proxama is a leading mobile proximity business specializing in Bluetooth beacon led technology. It can provide accurate and reliable mobile location targeting that enables close range offline footfall tracking of consumers with smartphone devices. The footfall data derived from Proxama's broad range of beacons provides valuable behavioral offline insight across transport networks; retail hubs; leisure, sporting and entertainment venues. This highly specific data can provide an additional layer of intelligence to mobile marketing campaigns and / or provide post event mobile targeting to enhance an OOH promotion. In addition, bespoke audience groups can be created on request based on capturing footfall data over a given time period against a specific event or a specific location.
PushSpring PushSpring provides device-level targeting data for verified iOS and Android mobile app audiences. PushSpring Personas are crafted using advanced machine learning applied across billions of mobile app and device-level signals such as app ownership, location, and other device settings to create accurate views of mobile audiences spanning multiple dimensions. All PushSpring data is processed through a series of validation checks to eliminate IDs associated with fraudulent traffic and ensure personas represent real audience members.
Qualia Media Qualia's branded data consists of consumers who have showed consumptive, declarative, and location action towards a specific interest.
Ranker Ranker serves crowd-sourced rankings, data-driven answers, and snackable content to an engaged, millenial-heavy audience
Retargetly A leading independent DMP and data exchange that focuses on Hispanic audiences to power publishers, marketers, and advertising agencies at a global scale with 100% proprietary segmentation technology and audiences that deliver results
Scanbuy Scanbuy's first-party consumer interests data includes QR & UPC product scans and other valuable bottom-funnel consumer intent data. Scanbuy's data drives excellent consumer engagement and conversion metrics, either stand-alone or in combination with other data sources.
SirData SirData is a self-service, third-party data-collecting platform that specializes in the collection, predictive targeting and selling of profile data in six countries (the US, the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain).
Skimlinks Skimlinks provides audiences drawn from an extensive understanding of retail behavior.
Solve Media Contains people that have filled out a CAPTCHA from Solve Media
Specialists Marketing Services Specialists Marketing Services is a consumer and B2B data management compilation company. Data-driven strategies are leveraged to innovate and capture value from deep and real-time information. CustomerConnect360, a 240 million name consumer database, is built through proprietary methodologies using response, transactional and survey data. Business Intelligence Solutions (BIS), a 17 million name business database, is a multi-sourced business file containing postal, email, phone numbers and deep business demographics.
StatSocial A social data and insights company that analyzes data from sixty different online and offline data sources
TiVo Research A leading cross-media research, measurement, and analytics company. TiVo Research's Viewer segments come from more than 2.3 Million Households that have TiVo or other cable Set Top Boxes in more than 190 U.S. DMAs, weighted and normalized to the U.S. Census. Our second-by-second Television Viewing data is directly matched to the full Experian battery of age, sex, demographic, lifestyle, behavioral, and propensity data to deterministically align with both syndicated and proprietary datasets. This empowers users of TiVo Research data to more efficiently activate audience-based media planning and targeting.
TransUnion TransUnion combines data, advanced analytics and industry- focused experience to help institutions make more informed decisions at every stage of the consumer life cycle.
TruSignal Formerly a division of eBureau, TruSignal creates audience segments modeled from offline and online conversion data from eBureau and other sources. Verticals include online auto and life insurance buyers, mortgage refinancers, online higher education enrollees, and political donors.
Twine Data Twine Data sources 100% real, no-model data from its mobile publishing partners.
V12 Aggregates multiple offline data sources, including transactional data, to compile audiences based on purchase activity and interest data. Verticals include entertainment, finance, lifestyle, Sports and PSYCO personality profiles.
Vendigi Vendigi collects and derives its audience segments from the source systems supporting over 80% of all real estate activity in the country - this includes major real estate portals, MLS systems, loan origination platforms, and property information systems including mortgage and remodeling activity.
Visa Audiences powered by Oracle Visa Audiences are built on aggregated spending insights from Visa, combined with Oracle Data Cloud demographic, purchase, and other attributes.
VisualDNA A provider of psychometric profiles
Webbula Webbula provides accurate offline consumer data across multiple platforms and databases including auto, social media, political, and business-to-consumer


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