Getting Your Web Service User Key

Calls to the User Data API must be authenticated using your Web Service User Key. This key is also known as the Web Service Authentication Key or Oracle BlueKai User Identifier (bkuid). You pass your bkuid and the request signature as arguments when you make calls to the User Data API. A provided code example shows how to authenticate your requests.

To get your Web Service User Key:

  1. Send a request to your Account Manager for access to the Web Service Key Tool. Oracle BlueKai creates a new Web Services API user account for you.

  2. Log in to using your new Web Services API credentials.

  3. Click Tools, and then click the Web Service Key Tool link. The tool displays your Web Service User Key (bkuid).

  4. Click Show Private Key to display your Web Service Authentication Key (bksecretkey). The User Data API uses this key and an HMACSHA256 encryption algorithm to generate your message signature.

See also User Data API Python Code Sample.