14Conference Intelligence


Discover the best conferences and get data feeds specific to conferences. Use conference intelligence to determine the best conferences to attend and create a target prospecting list.

Hundreds of your target companies attend conferences each year. Leverage conference intelligence to find them. By doing so, you can generate network leads and new business. See Find Conferences Your Prospects Attend.

Search 3,000+ conferences by keyword, location, date, and most importantly, the number of your current prospects who are likely to attend each event. Make the most of your conference budget by prioritizing the events with the largest potential for you.

See: Use Conference Attendees List to Prospect.

How You Prioritize Conferences

This topic is meant for Salesforce users only.

Oracle DataFox helps make event management easier with its Conferences function, allowing you to prioritize conferences with valuable attendance.

To get started, log in to your Oracle DataFox instance and navigate to the Conferences tab.

The Salesforce filter in the conferences tab is to prioritize conferences for companies in your Salesforce (CRM). Salesforce is a tool that allows sales teams identify who owns which accounts. The Salesforce filter shows you which conferences to attend based on companies you're tracking.

In the conferences tab, you're able to sort descending by companies in your Salesforce instance.

Let’s look at the percentage of companies attending a conference that’s in your Salesforce instance to show prospect-dense trade events.

Companies in Salesforce

Since you have quick access to high Return on Investment conference, you can plan more effectively.

With this instantly observable data, you now have access to clear insight about what grants most value to an event coordinator and marketing team.

Identify Conferences to Attend

This topic is meant for Salesforce users only.

Public conferences are a great way for sales and marketing teams to reach out to potential leads. Oracle DataFox helps you find the prospect dense conferences to initiate these conversations.

  1. Sign in to your Oracle DataFox instance.

  2. Navigate to the Companies tab and select Add a Filter.

  3. In the Filter dialog box, select Salesforce.

  4. Select one of your account owners who can identify important conferences. For example, select Brian and click Apply.

After the Salesforce Account Owner filter is applied, the Conferences tab highlights the conferences that are most important to that account owner. This is a great way for reps to focus on events and meetings crucial to them.

Reps can also see the number of companies they’re interested in attending each conference, allowing them to plan effectively.

They can also add filters to the conferences themselves. So, for example, if your reps want to reach out to companies in your CRM, you can apply filters to do so.

To apply filters to conferences:
  1. Select a conference of interest.

  2. On the Conference page, you can add a filter.

  3. In the Filter dialog box, navigate to the Salesforce object and select accounts only synced to Salesforce. Of course, you can apply filters relevant to your sales team.

    Select Accounts synced to Salesforce
  4. A new list appears, guided by the filter. With the filter applied, your sales team knows who to reach out to.

This is an effective way to prioritize high ROI conferences to book more meetings and close more deals.

Find Conferences Your Prospects Attend

This topic is meant for Salesforce users only.

Locate Conferences for your Prospects

You can find which conferences your target accounts are attending using the Conferences page.

This page includes two columns indicating how many of your target accounts are attending that conference. You must create a filter for the results to show.

  • Prospects you're Following: The number of companies in your Oracle DataFox Lists and Dynamic Lists.

  • Accounts Synced with Salesforce: The number of companies synced to your Salesforce.


As this image shows, you can use filters to include and exclude companies from a specific list.


With these columns, you can identify which upcoming conferences are most valuable to attend.

Look for Conferences in a Specific Sector, Location, or Date Range

Oracle DataFox aggregates data on thousands of conferences and makes it easy to filter them based on the following criteria:

  • Conference Name: Search the conference directory to find a specific conference. If you’re unable to find it, send a request to Oracle Support to build the conference list.

    Location: Filter by Country or by State to participate in local events or have a specific geography.

  • Date: Include conferences by date range. By default, Oracle DataFox only shows future events. But you can include past events by expanding the date range.

  • Company Participant: Filter by company name to see all conferences a specific company is attending or sponsoring.

  • Sector: Filter by specific industry. We classify conferences into different filterable categories: Agriculture, Automotive, Big Data & Analytics, BioTech, Consumer Electronics, Digital Media, Education, Enterprise Software, Finance, Food & Beverage, Government, Healthcare, Human Capital Management, Information Technology, Investing, Logistics, Networks & Telecom, News & Media, Retail & E-Commerce, Sales & Marketing.

See: Sending Conference Requests.

Look for Conferences a Specific Company is Attending

You can also see upcoming conferences a company participates in on its profile page using the Signals feed.

You can use the conference listing.

Know which Conferences your Prospects are Attending

You can use Oracle DataFox Company Signals to learn which conferences a company or set of companies are attending. See: DataFox Company Signals Overview.

  1. To see a feed of which conferences your prospects are attending, go to the Signals tab in any List or Dynamic List.

    By default, Event and Marketing are part of several filters for conference location. You can add or remove filters for more accurate results.

  2. To receive alerts for new conferences your prospects are attending, you can click the bell icon in any List or Dynamic List.

    You can then filter for Events & Marketing signals to send the alert to your daily email briefing or Slack channel. See: Configuring Alerts for Company Signals.

Request a Conference List

You can always request a new conference if it's not currently available.

Next, learn about the second major aspect of Conference Explorer: Use Conference Attendees List to Prospect.

Use Conference Attendees List to Prospect

Find Target Accounts

Now that you know which conferences you should go to (based on your existing target accounts attending), you can also find new prospects attending the conference.

See Find Conferences My Prospects Are Attending

Once you've found your target conferences, you find that each conference has its own conference profile page. This page includes the conference description, location, and dates.

We even break down conference attendees by participation; and identify companies by participation categories, such as:

  • Exhibitors

  • Media

  • Partners

  • Sponsors

  • Speakers

The conference list is like any other Public List in Oracle DataFox. You can view all the companies, and add them to other lists. But you cannot add or delete companies from these lists.

Note: Click Copy List under your settings to create a private copy of the conference list.

Once within your Conference List of interest, you can leverage the Salesforce and Other Lists columns. For more information on how to leverage the Salesforce columns, see Prioritize and Track Companies.

For information on how to leverage Other Lists columns, see Overview of Other Lists Filter.

  • Highlight companies you're already tracking by selecting the Alert icon or Add all to List.
    All to List
  • Or, hide those companies so you're presented with only those that are net-new.

Find Contacts of Conference Attendees

Having contact information for individual companies can be an invaluable prospecting resource. Oracle DataFox allows you to target specific organizations for reaching out.

You can find emails and phone numbers for key contacts at companies attending a conference. This option appears in your Customize Fields tab.

After you customize the fields, the email and phone number of your contacts of interest appears as organized by your Customize Fields window.
Customize Fields

You can also track conferences.

Within your Conference of choice, click Add All to List or Add to List if you only want to select from specific participant types (like Partners, Exhibitors, Sponsors, and so on).

Now that your List has been saved, you can access it by adding it to one of your existing lists (or you can create your own).

Create List

Or, by clicking the My Lists tab on your Lists page.

Note: Salesforce users: With your Conference List now saved, you can filter, export, or push Contact info to Salesforce as you would from any other Oracle DataFox List. For more information, see: Sync Accounts from Oracle DataFox into Salesforce Instantly

Custom Requests

Follow and Star Conferences

You can follow and star conferences to save you time and stay organized while preparing for events.

Star Conferences

To star a conference, click the Star icon either on the Conferences page or on the details page of that conference.

Access Starred Conferences

After you star conferences, you can quickly access it from the My Starred Conferences tab on the Conferences page.

Create Alerts for Conferences

Click the conference of interest and click the Get Alerts icon to setup email alerts for new companies participating in an event.
Conference Alert Preferences
With these new features, you can keep closer tabs on the latest updates for conferences of interest.

Suggest Edits for Conferences

Click the conference of interest and click the Suggest edits icon to suggest any corrections or updates to the conference information.

Request Conference Information

If you would like to create or request a conference that’s currently unavailable, you can contact us to do so. Simply select the Conferences tab and click the Request a New Conference button.
Note: You can request up to a total of five conferences and manual list imports in a month. For example, consider you have requested for one conference and one manual list import in a month. You can then only request a total of three conferences and manual list imports for the rest of the month.

In the Submit Ticket form, enter the conference details and click Submit.

Request Conference ticket

Oracle Support sends an email after your conference list is ready. Turnaround time for conferences is typically 1-3 days depending on the size of the conference.

Download Conferences

Download Conferences allows users to customize their conference analysis by downloading conference titles, dates, locations, sectors, number of companies attending, and more.

The downloaded CSV file is great for teams who focus heavily on conferences and want the ability to run their own analysis.

Let’s see how we can download conferences.

Download Conferences

  1. Navigate to the Conferences tab in your Oracle DataFox instance.

  2. Select the Download icon to download the first thousand conferences. When you do so, a .csv file with a list of conference information is downloaded.

    Download to a Spreadsheet icon

Filter Conferences

If you want to increase the accuracy and hone in on specific Conference results, you can add filters.
  1. Select Add a Filter under the Conferences tab.

  2. Apply desired filters in the dialog box. Now, you can download this specific list as a CSV for fine-tuned, actionable results.

For details about the filter feature, see Find Conferences Your Prospects Attend.