Set Up Additional Salesforce Account Fields to Search and Filter in Oracle DataFox

This topic details how to set up additional Salesforce fields and Salesforce Accounts fields in Oracle DataFox.

Set Up Additional Salesforce Fields

The Salesforce integration allows teams to view, filter, and search Oracle DataFox on most Salesforce Account fields like Account Owner, Tier, and Last Activity Date.

With Salesforce account fields in Oracle DataFox, you can do the following:
  • See Salesforce information on your target accounts

  • Filter on fields like account status and tier

  • Use Salesforce data in scoring criteria

  • Set up a daily news digest based on your Salesforce account info

Screenshot showing Salesforce information in target accounts
The Salesforce integration by default includes the Salesforce Account ID and Account Owner fields in Oracle DataFox. Here's what you can do to add more account fields.
  1. On the user menu, click Settings, and then click Salesforce.

  2. On the DataFox for Salesforce page, click Synced Fields.

  3. Select the Salesforce account fields that are available for your team in Oracle DataFox.

The fields aren’t synced immediately but on a scheduled time period. Click the Bulk Syncs tab to configure the bulk syncs. Here are some important notes.

  • Frequency refers to how often Oracle DataFox pushes Oracle DataFox firmographic data into Salesforce and at the same time grab Salesforce synced fields.

  • Number of companies is the total number of companies updated during this scheduled sync.

  • The sync happens at around 08:00 P.M. PST nightly.

  • Updates happen in bulk but this update uses some of the customer’s total Salesforce API calls. This is why bulk sync is scheduled so that you have control over the API calls.

  • Non-DataFox admins can see the account fields configured for sync, but can't make changes to that list.

Use Salesforce Account Fields in DataFox

After a user configures fields and the data is synced after bulk sync, all DataFox users in that account can view and filter that data. Users can add the Salesforce Synced fields to the company data table by going to the Change Column window and turning them on.

Then, move the fields that you to the Active column.

Filtering, saving searches, and sorting should work as normal. You can see the fields on the Salesforce widget of a company profile page.

FAQ: Why are some Salesforce Account fields not displaying in Oracle DataFox settings?

If the fields are marked as hidden in Salesforce, they’re not available for syncing in Oracle DataFox.

This is because that data isn’t returned by the Salesforce API.

Fields and Relationships for Account

FAQ: Are all field types available for syncing from Salesforce to Oracle DataFox?

The following field types are available for syncing:

  • Multipicklist

  • Url

  • Textarea

  • Picklist

  • Percent

  • Double

  • Datetime

  • Currency

  • Boolean

  • Date

  • String

Certain field types aren’t available, including fields that reference other objects (except for Account Owner) and encrypted text areas.