Create a List of Companies Linked to Supplier Profiles

You can make lists of companies on the Lists page in DataFox. You can specify certain criteria and all the companies that meet the criteria are added to your list. Dynamic lists in DataFox are saved and when a company satisfies your list criteria, it’s automatically added to your list. You can also create static lists in DataFox, but they are not relevant to Procurement.

Here’s how you can create a list of companies linked to supplier profiles:

  1. Sign in to Oracle DataFox.

  2. Click the Lists tab.

  3. On the Lists page, click Create Dynamic List.

  4. On the Company Search page, click Add a Filter.

  5. In the Filter Companies dialog box, go to Custom Data > Oracle Procurement Cloud.

  6. Select Accounts synced to Oracle Procurement Cloud and click Apply.

  7. On the Company Search page, select all the companies and click Create Dynamic List.

  8. In the Create Dynamic List dialog box, enter a name and a description for the list.

  9. Click Create Dynamic List.

You now have a dynamic list that contains all the DataFox companies that are linked to suppliers. Suppliers that are matched and linked after you create the list, automatically become a part of the list. You can use this list to set up alerts. See Signal Alerts.

Share Lists to Collaborate with Your Team

You can share the lists you create with your team so that they can view and make any changes if required.

  1. Sign in to Oracle DataFox and go to Lists > My Lists.

  2. Click the list you want to share.

  3. Click the Manage sharing icon.

  4. In the List Sharing Settings dialog box, enter the email addresses of the people you want to share the list with.

    Note: You could also click Share With Everyone to share the list with your entire team. However, it’s recommended you do that only if you have a small team.
  5. Click Send Invitations.