Creating a Sample Application

The sample application consists of pre-loaded sample data and related artifacts for Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud.Using this out-of-box environment, you can explore the capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud, get familiar with its features, and use tutorials before you start working with your own data. The sample application includes examples for Financials Cloud General Ledger, Planning, and Financial Consolidation, and E-Business Suite General Ledger application types.

The first time you use Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud you have an option to create a sample application. Later on, if you want to use the sample application and you are a service administrator, you need to recreate the service, which removes all applications and artifacts, then you can create a sample application,. See Recreating the Service.

For example, if you want to use a tutorial with the sample application:

  1. Back up your service.
  2. Recreate your service.
  3. Create the sample application and do the tutorial.
  4. When you are done with the tutorial, you can restore your service using the back up from step 1.


    Tutorials provide instructions with sequenced videos and documentation to help you learn a topic. See Tutorials on the Help Center.