Downloading a Viewpoint

You can download data in a viewpoint to a spreadsheet file so that you can use it offline, share it with other resources, or make mass changes to the data. After making changes to the file, you can then load the file into a request to apply the changes to Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud.

For a hierarchy viewpoint, you can also download a specific node and its descendants. This enables you to copy a node's branch from one viewpoint to another. For example, you can download the North America node and all of its descendants from the hierarchy viewpoint below and then load it to another viewpoint.

downloading a node to a file

If the viewpoint that you're downloading from contains visualized changes for an uncommitted request, the proposed changes are included in the output file. In other words, the output file contains data as if the request had already been committed.

  • Nodes that were added, inserted, moved, updated, renamed, or reordered in the request are included in the output

  • Removed or deleted nodes (and their descendants) are excluded from the output.

For example, in the Depts by LOB viewpoint, you remove node 601 and add node 701.

changes in viewpoint

When you download the viewpoint with request changes visualized, the results include node 701 and exclude node 601.

output from downloading viewpoint with changes visualized


When you download a viewpoint to a file, the viewpoint name must be 30 or fewer characters or a label must be set up. See Inspecting a Viewpoint for information on using a label.

To download a viewpoint:

  1. From Views, open an active view.

  2. Select a viewpoint.

  3. Perform an action:

    • To download the entire viewpoint, move your cursor to the right of the viewpoint name, click the menu icon select menu, and then select Download to File.

    • To download a specific node and its descendants in a hierarchy viewpoint, select the node and then click download node to file button.