Record Count Log Report

The record count log report enables you to identify how nodes from different applications and dimensions contribute to the total record count determined by the system.

When calculating node counts, two nodes are counted as equivalent if the source and target nodes have the same base name after the qualifier is removed (default or alternate qualifier, prefix or suffix).


Nodes that have a specialty node type class such as Lookup or User are identified with the corresponding labels (in parentheses) in the Record Count Log report, but they are not included in the total record count in your environment.

The record count log report is available to Service Administrators only.

Access the record count log report from the Reports page by clicking Record Count Log under System. The node count for each application, dimension, and node type is displayed in the Nodes column, along with the additional unique records from each of them which are included in the Record Count Contribution column.


The record count gets updated after the daily maintenance window or after the service is restarted. The date and time that the record count was last updated is displayed under the report title.

record count log report showing nodes by application, dimension, and node type

Click Download download all matching records to file to download the information from the Record Count Log report to an Excel file. Node and record counts for each node type are included in the downloaded file.