12 Governance Workflows and Approvals

Data governance represents the convergence of data quality, data management, data policies, business process management, and risk management surrounding the handling of information as an asset within the enterprise. In Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud, organizations use request workflows to exercise positive control over the processes and methods used by their data stewards and data custodians to create and maintain high quality enterprise data assets.

Request workflows address the governance challenge in a number of critical ways:

  • Requests model changes based upon a set of items and actions. Items within a request are validated, approved, and committed together. This creates integrity in change management and enables change control.

  • Workflow approvals are inference-based. Configure one or more approval policies at the application, dimension, hierarchy set, or node type level. Workflow orchestrates the invitation of approvers while executing approval policies concurrently to achieve high quality outcomes.

  • Workflows adhere to the "four eyes" principle by default. Approval policies are configured by default to exclude submitters as approvers unless otherwise specified.

  • Workflows can be implemented across multiple business contexts.

    • Configured within an application view to ensure application, dimension, or node/hierarchy level approvals.

    • Implemented in a maintenance view to secure approval for related changes across application contexts.

    • Triggered as part of subscription requests to simulate application dimension-level enrichment and approval stages across multiple application contexts.


      If you subscribe to changes in another viewpoint which uses an approval policy, the changes are applied to the subscribing viewpoint when the request is approved. If the subscribing viewpoint is configured for enrichment, then the subscription assignee can modify the request. See Subscribing to Viewpoints.


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