Defining Node Conditions

You can configure a node condition expression to define the nodes that you want to subscribe to in a source viewpoint. For example, you can subscribe only to active nodes, or nodes at a specific level in a hierarchy. When you configure a node condition expression, only actions taken on the nodes that are evaluated to True for the expression will generate subscription request items for the target viewpoint.

Only properties that are configured for the node types associated with the viewpoint are available to be selected in the expression builder.


Node condition expressions are not applied to request items with the Remove, Rename, or Delete action.

To define a node condition expression:

  1. From Views, open the view that contains the target viewpoint.

  2. Select the target viewpoint.

  3. Place your cursor to the right of the viewpoint name, click menu icon, and then select Inspect.

  4. Select Subscriptions, and then click the name of the subscription that you want to add an action filter to.

  5. In the Subscription Inspector, select the Filters tab, and then click Edit.

  6. In Node Condition, click Define Expression define expression (or define expression depending on your theme) to launch the expression builder.

  7. In expression builder, create the node condition expression. Because you are evaluating nodes in the subscription viewpoint for the condition, you use the sourceNode object in the expression builder.

    The expression builder guides you to create an expression that evaluates to a Boolean value only. See Building Expressions.

  8. When you are finished creating the node condition expression, click Apply to return to the Subscription Inspector, and then click Save.