Refreshes the data grants, which control access to Oracle Essbase data slices, so that they match the data grants defined in an Profitability and Cost Management application.

User and group level data grants that you make in the Profitability and Cost Management application are automatically synchronized in Essbase. Use this command to synchronize access to Essbase data if you suspect a discordance between the data grant in the application and the filters in Essbase.

The time required to complete this operation depends on the size of the application. Make sure that the data grant refresh operation finishes before the application is backed up during the next maintenance window. Because the application should not be used while this operation is in progress, Oracle recommends that you schedule this operation for a time when users are not working with the application.

Applies to

Profitability and Cost Management

Required Roles

Service Administrator, Power User


epmautomate applyDataGrants APPLICATION_NAME where APPLICATION_NAME is the name of the Profitability and Cost Management application for which data grants are to be re-created.


epmautomate applyDataGrants BksML12