Clears model artifacts and data from a Point of View (POV) combination or a data region within the POV in an Profitability and Cost Management application.

Applies to

Profitability and Cost Management

Required Roles

Service Administrator, Power User



  • APPLICATION_NAME is the name of an Profitability and Cost Management application
  • POV_NAME is a POV in the application. This value is required.
  • QUERY_NAME, optionally, is the name of a query exactly as defined in Profitability and Cost Management. If specified, this query will be used to clear data region within the POV.


    If you specify a query name, you must set the value of all runtime parameters (see below) to false.
  • PARAMETER=VALUE indicates runtime parameters and their values to clear the POV. Specify as many parameter and value pairings as the process requires. Valid parameters, at least one of which is required, and their values:

    • isManageRule=true|false specifies whether to clear rules

    • isInputData=true|false specifies whether to clear input data

    • isAllocatedValues=true|false specifies whether to clear allocation values

    • isAdjustmentValues=true|false specifies whether to clear adjustment values


    Parameter values (true or false) must be in all lower case.

    To clear data regions in a POV (if a QUERY_NAME is specified), you must set the value of runtime parameters (isManageRule, isInputData, isAllocatedValues, and isAdjustmentValues) to false.

  • stringDelimiter="DELIMITER" specifies the delimiter used in POV values. Delimiter must be enclosed in double quotation marks.


  • Clear all model artifacts and data from a POV: epmautomate clearPOV BksML12 2012_Jan_Actual isManageRule=true isInputData=true isAllocatedValues=true isAdjustmentValues=true stringDelimiter="_"

  • Clear data region within a POV: epmautomate clearPOV BksML12 2012_Jan_Actual queryName=BksML12_2012_Jan_clear_query isManageRule=false isInputData=false isAllocatedValues=false isAdjustmentValues=false stringDelimiter="_"