Deletes a file or a snapshot from the default upload location, the inbox or outbox, a Data Management folder, or from profitinbox/profitoutbox.

To delete a file from a location other than the default upload location, you must specify the file location.

If this command is executed to delete a snapshot that is in the process of being generated or archived, you will receive one of these errors:

  • File not found if the snapshot is being generated
  • Archieve process is in progress. Unable to Rename or Delete if the snapshot is being archived

Applies to

Planning, Planning Modules, FreeForm, Financial Consolidation and Close, Tax Reporting, Account Reconciliation, Profitability and Cost Management, Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management, Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud, Narrative Reporting, Sales Planning, and Strategic Workforce Planning.

Required Roles

Service Administrator, Power User assigned to the Migration Administrator application role


epmautomate deleteFile FILE_NAME


You must specify the file name including extension; for example, data.csv,, if applicable. You can delete a snapshot without specifying its file extension (.ZIP). This usage, however, is deprecated. You should specify the location of the file if it is not in the default location. For detailed information, see Default File Locations. Supported locations include inbox, profitinbox, outbox, profitoutbox, to_be_imported, and inbox/directory_name.


  • Delete a file from the default upload location:

    epmautomate deleteFile data.csv

  • Delete a file from the inbox:

    epmautomate deleteFile inbox/data.csv

  • Delete from the outbox:

    epmautomate deleteFile outbox/data.csv

  • Delete a snapshot that you created using Migration:
    • epmautomate deleteFile "Backup" or
    • epmautomate deleteFile "Backup 18-06-12" (deprecated)
  • Delete from profitinbox (Profitability and Cost Management):

    epmautomate deleteFile profitinbox/data.csv

  • Delete from profitoutbox (Profitability and Cost Management):

    epmautomate deleteFile profitoutbox/data.csv

  • Delete from a Data Management upload folder:

    epmautomate deleteFile inbox/dm_data/data.csv

  • Delete from a Data Management folder:

    epmautomate deleteFile outbox/dm_data/data.csv