Repeats a previously performed export operation to create a snapshot of Migration content.

Using Migration, select and export desired artifacts to a snapshot; for example, January16FullApp. Use the snapshot name with this command to subsequently repeat the export operation, which will export only the artifacts that were selected during the original export operation. See Exporting Artifacts and Application in Administering Migration for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud.

  • The following are not part of Planning, Planning Modules, and FreeForm application snapshots:
    • Audit data
    • Job Console data
    Use the cloneEnvironment command or the Clone Environment feature if you want to copy audit and Job Console data to the target environment.
  • Snapshots do not contain the Data Management staging table data. To import this data, use the exportDataManagement and importDataManagement commands or the Data Management System Maintenances Scripts interface. You may use the cloneEnvironment command or the Clone Environment feature to create an identical copy of the environment, including the Data Management staging table data.

You can download the exported snapshot from the default location using the downloadFile command.

Applies to

Planning, Planning Modules, FreeForm, Financial Consolidation and Close, Tax Reporting, Account Reconciliation, Profitability and Cost Management, Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management, Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud, Sales Planning, and Strategic Workforce Planning.

Required Roles

Service Administrator, Power User assigned to the Migration Administrator application role


epmautomate exportSnapshot SNAPSHOT_NAME where SNAPSHOT_NAME is the name of an existing snapshot in Migration. This snapshot is replaced by the new snapshot.


epmautomate exportSnapshot January16FullApp