Merges incremental data slices into the main database cube and, optionally, removes the Essbase cells containing 0 (zero) as value to make the cube compact.

Removing cells containing 0 optimizes cube performance.

Applies to

Profitability and Cost Management

Required Roles

Service Administrator, Power User


epmautomate mergeSlices applicationName [removeZeroCells=true|false] where:
  • applicationName is the name of an Profitability and Cost Management application.

  • removeZeroCells, optionally, specifies whether to remove cells containing 0. Default value of this parameter is false.


  • Merge slices without removing cells containing 0s:

    • epmautomate mergeSlices BksML30

    • epmautomate mergeSlices BksML30 removeZeroCells=false

  • Merge slices and remove cells containing 0s: epmautomate mergeSlices BksML30 removeZeroCells=true