Configuring the Secondary Environment

You configure the secondary environment to activate it.

Complete this procedure only if you need to activate the secondary environment when the primary environment is unavailable for an extended period.

To configure the secondary environment:

  1. Start an EPM Automate session and complete these activities.
    • Sign in to the secondary environment using an account that has both the Service Administrator and the Identity Domain Administrator roles. Be sure to specify the appropriate user name, password, domain name, and service URL.

    • Recreate the environment

    • Import application and identity domain artifacts from the snapshot.

    • Sign out

    You can complete the preceding activities by running the following commands. See EPM Automate Commands for detailed information on these commands:
    epmautomate login serviceAdmin secondaryPassword.epw secondary_URL secondaryDomain
    epmautomate recreate –f
    epmautomate importsnapshot “Artifact Snapshot” "userPassword=IDM_NEW_USER_PWD"
    epmautomate logout
  2. Sign into the secondary environment and verify that all data is available.
  3. Send the URL of the secondary environment to all users.