Upload a Data File to an Environment and Run a Data Load Rule

Use the command sequence in this section to upload a file to an environment and then run a data rule to import data from the file into an application.


This scenario does not apply to Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud.


  • The following definitions in Data Management:

    • A data load rule definition named VisionActual. It is assumed that the data rule does not specify a file path for the input file.

    • Period definitions Mar-15 through Jun-15

  • A properly formatted data file (GLActual.dat) that contains data.

Importing Data into Data Management and Running a Data Load Rule

To import data and run data load rule, you run commands that complete these steps:

  • Sign in to the environment.

  • Upload a file GLActual.dat that contains data for periods Mar-15 through Jun-15 into Data Management folder inbox/Vision.

  • Import data from GLActual.dat into Data Management using data load rule VisionActual, start period Mar-15, end period Jun-15, and import mode REPLACE.

  • Export data with the STORE_DATA option to merge the data in the Data Management staging table with existing Planning data.

  • Sign out.

epmautomate login serviceAdmin C:\mySecuredir\password.epw https://example.oraclecloud.com ExampleDomain
epmautomate uploadfile GLActual.dat inbox/Vision
epmautomate rundatarule VisionActual Mar-15 Jun-15 REPLACE STORE_DATA inbox/Vision/GLActual.dat
epmautomate logout