Important Considerations


Do not attempt to create Free Form applications by migrating Essbase Lifecycle Management snapshots into an Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud environment. Migration is supported only for snapshots created from a previous Free Form application.

  • Essbase snapshots with Custom Defined Functions (CDF) and CDF references cannot be used to create Free Form applications.

  • Make sure that the OTL file or Essbase application snapshot that you are using does not contain objects with system restricted names; for example, a member named FY02 in the Year dimension. You must rename or remove such restricted names before generating the OTL file or snapshot that you plan to use to create the application. See Naming Restrictions in Administering Planning.

  • If you plan to use an OTL file or snapshot stored in your EPM Cloud environment as the source, upload the file before starting the application creation process.

    Use the uploadFile EPM Automate command or Migration to upload the OTL file or snapshot to an EPM Cloud environment.

  • Imported data may not be editable in Free Form applications. At times, the data is set as Read-only.